The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors to buy

If you’re looking for a vacuum that will be gentle on your wood floors while also getting the job done, then we recommend the $199 . We settled on the Navigator after more than 12 hours of research and after our experts put the top five selections through rigorous testing process, plus a head-to-head comparison between the top two options — and we found the Navigator to be the best overall vacuum for hardwood floors on the market today. It features strong suction power with its cyclonic technology, a sleek and lightweight design with its swivel-steering maneuverability, plus a detachable canister caddy that can be used for cleaning stairs and upholstery.
The #1 thing to be mindful of is that the wood flooring in your home is susceptible to getting scratched rather easily. So it’s a good idea to seek out a hardwood floor vacuum that has non-marking rubber wheels, as this will prevent scratching. Most people tend to prefer canister vacuums on their wood flooring, though it’s certainly fine to use an upright model as well. These specially-designed vacuums will give you the assurance you need that you are not harming your beloved floors while having them cleaned.

When you’re shopping for a hardwood floor vacuum, there are a number of factors you should consider.


Decide between bagged and bagless.

To be honest, both options here have their pros and cons, so you’re going to have to choose which is better. With a bagged vacuum, you can minimize the mess when you’re cleaning up, but they do tend to lose a little suction as the bags become full. A bagless vacuum is nice because you don’t have to buy the replacement bags; the downside is that it can become a little messy when it’s time to empty the bin.

Consider weight.

It’s funny, but most people don’t consider the weight of their vacuum when they’re making their purchasing decision. But think about it — if you have a decent sized home, chances are, you’re going to be lugging that vacuum around from room to room. So you don’t want to get a vacuum that’s too heavy, where it’s going to become a burden. So keep in mind the benefits of a lightweight design.

Check the on/off brush switch:

This part is super important. Be careful with purchasing a vacuum that has a cleaning brush. What the brush does is move the dirt and debris all across your wood floors, instead of sucking it up. Worse than that, they can even scratch and damage your floors! This is exactly what we DON’T want to happen. So be sure to select a vacuum that either does not have a cleaning brush, or comes with the option to turn it off.

Motor and suction power.

Ideally, you’d like to purchase a unit whose suction power will match the needs that you’re looking for. To give you an idea of what to target, the average vacuum will have a wattage output of 1,000 watts, while the more powerful models can reach up to 1,400 watts, for super suction power. These higher-end models are especially effective for picking up pet hair and sand.
Emptying the debris. As anyone whose ever used a vacuum knows full well, you’re going to have to empty out your vacuum quite often, depending on how much dirt, dust, and debris you pick up. So be sure to pick a vacuum that has a smooth debris disposal, as you don’t want to get all that dust all over your floor when you go to empty the dustbin into the trash.

Filtration method.

When you’re reading up on which vacuum to buy, you’ll see a lot of words spilled about a vacuum’s filter — this feature filters the air that is sucked into the vacuum with the debris, and then released back into your house. If you’re an allergy sufferer, be on the lookout for vacuums with HEPA filters, as these models are certified to have the strongest levels of filtration on the market today. One other thing about filters — you’re going to either have to be cleaning them, or disposing of them and buying a new one. So be sure to note which type of filter your vacuum uses — some will be a lifetime filter that you occasionally have to clean, while others run their course after a few months and have to be replaced. Obviously, if you have a lifetime filter, you will be saving money as you won’t have to go out and buy more filters.

Power source.

These days, you often have a choice between a cordless vacuum, or a traditional unit which plugs into your wall. There are benefits and drawbacks for each. For a cordless vacuum, the portability gives you the freedom to maneuver from room to room without having to plug into a new outlet every time you move 25 feet or so. On the downside, the vacuum comes with a battery — and once that battery dies out, you can’t vacuum any longer. A corded vacuum has the same issues in reverse — you won’t have any issues getting a power source, but you will be forced to find a new outlet every time you change rooms. As it usually does, it comes down to personal preference, so choose whatever option you think is best for your home.


Most units come shipped with various kinds of attachments, so be sure to make note of this. Many models come with a tool to clean stairs, while other come with a crevice tool, which lets you get in between couch cushions, or in the corner of the kitchen, or under the oven, for example.

Our pick

The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors to buy

The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors to buy

The $200  is our pick as the best hardwood floor vacuum available today. The Navigator is beloved both by our expert testers and online buyers alike for it’s great performance (suction power, versatility, durability) and sleek design. Amazon reviewers gave the Navigator a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, based on nearly 1,900 reviews.


The Navigator, above all things, is a vacuum that performs really well, which is what we’re looking for when we’re testing a machine. This unit has a pretty powerful suction that uses Shark’s “advanced cyclonic technology”, which made for a strong, deep-clean for our testers. Nearly just as important is how the vacuum handles, and the Navigator performed well here too; its swivel steering feature allowed for easy maneuverability from room to room when our testers were using it, and they noted that the lightweight design made it quite easy to vacuum around furniture without issue.

What’s nice about the Navigator is that the canister on the unit is actually detachable and portable, so you can take it off and clean other areas of your home, like on your stairs and upholstery. Other features that we appreciated include sealed vacuum technology with HEPA filtration, and a hardwood floor accessory tool with dusting pads specifically designed for keeping your wood floors scratch-free.


The pros of this vacuum are many, so we’ll just stick to the basics here: we’ve mentioned the powerful suction, and this is really on display when you’re testing the Navigator on carpeted floors, where dirt and dust really get under the surface. Of course, on hardwood floors, it’s not as difficult pulling up debris, so what’s just as important is how delicate the vacuum is so that it doesn’t scratch your floors, and this is where the Navigator excels as well — the hardwood floor accessory really comes in handy and our testers couldn’t recommend it more.

Being a self-confessed “neat freak”, I am one who takes things very seriously when it comes to keeping my home clean. I have used many different vacuums over the years, which I guess makes me a self-proclaimed expert on the subject of vacuum cleaner performance in the home. Many vacuums I have tried in the past boasted of having a lot of power. However, in spite of their claims, I found most to have a disappointing level of performance when I actually used them myself.

I recently have had the opportunity of owning the Shark Navigator Lift-Away. There is no question, it did a noticeably better job of vacuuming in all areas of my home, especially on hardwood floors. I discovered Navigator performs like a true 1200 watt vacuum, unlike many vacuums rated at the same power level that leave obvious dirt behind. I have used the Navigator on both my carpeted and bare floors with no problems of anything being left behind. The swivel steering is sort of a luxury to me. I do like the maneuverability, especially in those hard to reach areas like corners and under tables and furniture.

As I have mentioned, I do take keeping my home spotless and dust free very seriously, and once I am in what I will call “cleaning mode”, I have a one-track mind. My husband and teenage boys know to stay out of my way on cleaning day. Another thing I love about the Navigator is the extra-long 30 foot cord. It allows me to basically vacuum my entire home without the need to stop or have my “routine in progress” interrupted. To me, it is a big help to be able to keep going when on the move while cleaning. All I have to do is use an outlet in the center portion of my house, and the 30 foot cord allows me to reach every area of my home with no problems or the need to keep stopping every 5-10 minutes to plug into another outlet for power. I like to keep the momentum going when vacuuming.

I also like the ability of the advanced cyclonic technology to separate even the smallest dust and dirt particles from the air keeping the filters clean longer. This really keeps the suction power steady throughout my cleaning session. Another feature that left a good impression on me was the extra-large capacity dust cup which really comes in handy for those long cleaning sessions in my home.

The hard floor attachment left the hardwood floor portion and kitchen floors of my home virtually free of any dust or debris left behind, mainly due to the combined performance of the powerful suction and the microfiber pad which wiped away even the tiniest microscopic particles of dust and dirt along every wall and in corners during use. Another big bonus for me is the HEPA filter capability of the Navigator. I have one teenage son who suffers from allergies and, as his mother, it is a big plus for me to be able to make things more comfortable for him in our home. With the permanent removal of 99.9 % of the allergens vacuumed in my home, it feels good to know I am doing my part to make his life healthier.

What I also liked about the Navigator is the wide 9.5 inch cleaning path which ensures I am getting the job done in a timely manner. I am a busy mom who also works a 9-5 job during the week, and when I need to get the job of cleaning my home done quickly and effectively, the Navigator is now my vacuum of choice. A well-made device weighing only 14 pounds, this model effectively delivers everything in power, performance and reliability I would expect from a 1200 watt vacuum.


While the Navigator is a great vacuum, it’s by no means perfect. Our testers’ biggest issue with the machine is that in some ways, the vacuum is almost too light; we found that it can fall over, or be tipped over, quite easily. Also, regarding the floor brush — while it’s a neat feature, it’s a bit on the narrow side, so we found that it can take a little longer to vacuum larger, open areas. And lastly, our testers noted that the hose which connects the wand to the vacuum is a little short and rigid.

Value Option

We recommend the $79 vacuum as our second option if the $200 Shark Navigator is more than you want to spend. Our expert testers gave the Cyclonic high marks for its powered brush roll which works great on wood floors, and for its light design and long cord. Amazon reviewers give the Cyclonic a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5, based on nearly 1,200 reviews.


The Cyclonic vacuum stood out to our team of testers due mainly to its powered brush roll with “cyclonic technology”, which we found makes transitioning from hard flooring to area rugs and carpeting quite easy. The Cyclonic is another vacuum on the market that features “swivel steering”, and we did find it rather easy to maneuver the unit around the home. Other noticeable features that our testers appreciated were the vacuum’s lightweight design and long cord, making it easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Even more features include a rinseable filter and wide cleaner mouth.


Our testers really loved the Cyclonic’s sleek and lightweight design, as it weighs in at under eight pounds, making it super easy to maneuver around the home and also making it easy to store. Second, the vacuum’s low-profile base and extreme decline allows the Cyclonic to get under those hard-to-reach areas. Some of our testers specifically mentioned the dust cup, which is easy to use and empty. Above all our testers noted how well the Cyclonic performs on hardwood floors, and how lightweight it is.

Like many other consumers I like to know I am getting my money’s worth when purchasing anything, including something like a vacuum for my home. If I buy a vacuum that does not last long or perform well it will leave my home feeling dirty and not well kept. About two months ago I purchased the Cyclonic. Overall I have found it to be a terrific value and one that performs exceeding well on hardwood floors.

Other than for testing purposes, I chose this vacuum in part due to the lightweight design and maneuverability (and also because I like to keep a lot of vacuums in my home!) Weighing only nine pounds, I found the Cyclonic to be a good fit for me. I am a small person and having a vacuum with plenty of power, yet easy to maneuver is a big help to someone like me. The swivel steering combined with the lightweight design made my vacuuming routine an easy one. I liked the way it allows me to move quickly and efficiently.

The extreme recline handle moved to a position nearly parallel to the floor, allowing me to get to all those hard to reach places that might otherwise not get vacuumed daily. I found the 20 foot power cord gives me plenty of room to move freely, getting the job of vacuuming finished quickly. I only needed to plug into a different outlet one time while vacuuming my entire home. The bottom release dirt collection cup is transparent, allowing me to see when it is nearly full, not to mention its simplicity for removing, emptying and replacing. The filter was easily rinsed and replaced at the same time.

The powered brushroll, combined with the cyclonic technology, did a great job on my kitchen floors and entry areas, letting me switch back to the carpeted portion of my home with no loss of suction. I was quite impressed with the wide vacuuming head because it allows me to cover a large area of vacuuming in a short amount of time. We test our vacuums hoping to find a lightweight appliance that will be a good fit for consumers’ needs. When it comes to ease of use, maneuverability, and overall performance, the Hoover Corded Cyclonic is a pretty great deal.


Our testers did note a couple of flaws with the Cyclonic as well – the vacuum does not come with any accessories, which is something to be mindful of, as some of our other options do include various attachments. Also, due to its small size, the Cyclonic must be emptied quite frequently, which can be annoying, but that’s part of the tradeoff of a smaller, lightweight vacuum.

If You’re on a Budget

We recommend the $49 as our best, least expensive vacuum for hardwood floors amongst all the cheaper units we tested. Our experts came away impressed with many features of the PowerEdge – the unique V-shaped design, impressive suction power, swivel steering, and, best of all: its incomparably cheap price. Amazon reviewers give the PowerEdge a 4.3 star rating out of 5, based on an insane 2,500+ reviews. (Yes, this vacuum is quite popular).


Some of the features that our testers took note of: the PowerEdge has a unique V shaped design head that directs larger debris into the center suction path, while the ends of the V capture smaller debris. This really is an ingenious little design hack that works pretty well. The PowerEdge also has a rubber lip that’s specifically designed to pick up pet hair quickly and efficiently with its powerful suction. The unit features a swivel head and lightweight design for easy movement from room to room.


As mentioned, more than 2,500 people have reviewed this vacuum on Amazon, so you know Bissell must be doing something right. And our testers agreed – they raved about the PowerEdge’s “ridiculously large amount of suction for its size” and the unique, V shaped head that is especially adept at picking up pet hair and easy to maneuver around furniture. Our testers were also impressed with the vacuum’s lightweight design, noting that it can be picked up with one hand without issue, and how the dirt cup is easy to empty.

The Bissell PowerEdge is quite an impressive vacuum. I must admit I was a bit of a skeptic at first. When I tested the Bissell Power Edge, I was particularly interested in the innovative V shaped vacuuming head, which claims a more powerful suction for ridding your home of dirt and dust, not to mention the fact that it appears to have more maneuverability for quickly getting around and under furniture.

After trying it the first time, I found it to live up to everything it claimed. The V shaped vacuum head together with the swivel design proved to be one of the most versatile vacuums I have ever used. What was once a detailed and somewhat time consuming task of vacuuming around and under the furniture in my home became a relatively fast and simple procedure. Another feature I love about this vacuum is how it does such a great job of capturing all the pet hair left behind by our dog. Not only did I find the V shape head forces larger debris to the center of the vacuum where it is sucked up, but I also noticed that the floor wipers on the vacuum head attract and vacuum any loose pet hair on my hardwood floors, as claimed.

With its innovative design, this vacuum did a great job in ridding my home of even the tiniest dust or dirt without any attachments or a brush roll needed. Having a 20 foot power cord gave me the freedom to move about my home unrestricted without the need to keep stopping every few minutes to plug into a different outlet. At just 7.1 pounds, I found it easy maneuvering the PowerEdge anywhere I needed without becoming tired. I’m not so young anymore, and the lightweight design makes it possible for me to keep going until the job is finished.
This vacuum offers plenty of power for effectively cleaning your hardwood floors, and you simply cannot beat the value proposition.


It should be noted that the PowerEdge does not ship with any attachments, which is something to keep in mind. Some of our testers remarked that the build quality of the vacuum was not so great, which is to be expected at this price point, and that the performance on carpeting was not as good as it was on wood floors.
The $250 is another vacuum that we looked at and were pretty big fans of: it’s a full-size, cordless, cyclonic vacuum that is a pretty nifty looking machine. A powerful and cordless vacuum, the Hoover Air includes two LithiumLife batteries which provide an average of 50 minutes of cordless fade-free battery power. This vacuum features Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 Technology, which uses three channels of suction to lift and remove deep-down, embedded dirt. Its lightweight design weighs less than 10 pounds and its steerable technology allows you to clean around furniture with ease. Other features include LED headlights, reusable rinse filters, and a 2-in-1 dusting and crevice tool.

The Hoover Air is a newer vacuum on the market, and our testers came away quite impressed. One feature which drew rave reviews is where the user can select to use only the suction of the vacuum, or both the suction and the spinning cleaning brushes at the same time. The included attachments were also a big selling point — the two-in-one dusting and crevice tool (two separate tools that fit together for storage), a pivoting dusting tool (where the head pivots so you can dust the top of a ceiling fan), and an extra roller for dusting hardwood floors. Our testers were also impressed with the battery power, and the two batteries seemed to offer plenty of charge for most people to be able to vacuum their entire homes. Other pros include easy to empty and easy to clean dirt cups, an elegant lightweight design, and a fine, soft-grip handle.

Some of our reviewers felt like the overall performance of the Hoover Air was just not quite as on par as with a corded vacuum. One reviewer also noted that the design of the hose was not ideal.


The $329 would likely top this list if price were not a concern: it’s a canister vacuum with a six-stage suction that is easily adjustable on a rotary dial so you can select whichever power level you find necessary. Its telescopic, stainless steel wand has an operating radius of 29.5 feet for effortless reach to hard-to-reach areas such as curtains and ceilings. This vacuum has a “Classic FiberTeQ” floor tool that is meant for cleaning low-pile carpeting, rugs and hardwood flooring. The Classic FiberTeQ allows easy transition from carpet to hardwood flooring with a flip a finger. All of this in a compact, light design.

What did our reviewers enjoy most about the Miele S2121 Olympus? Quite a bit. First and foremost, several testers noted how well this vacuum performs on hardwood floors – which is exactly why it made our list. Many reviewers raved about how lightweight and well-designed this vacuum is, and how easy it is to maneuver from room to room.

You pay for quality, and this vacuum will set you back about $330, which is certainly a “con” in some customers’ minds. Besides price, a few reviewers mentioned that while this vacuum performs amazingly well on hardwood floors, it’s not quite as adept on carpets or for picking up pet hair.
Wrapping it up
The gets our vote as the best hardwood floor vacuum on the market today. Its strong suction power, innovative design, nice price point, and performance on wood floors make it our winner. It will cost around $200, however, so if that’s a little out of your budget, we recommend the , which at $79 is a pretty great value in that price range. We also like the for those of you trying to get under the $50 price point but who are still looking for a machine that will provide you with a great cleaning.


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