Bagless Canister Vacuums For Pet Hair

When shopping for bagless canister vacuums, especially if you have dogs, do your homework first before spending the big bucks. The most important features to look for are a great warranty, a high amperage rating and proper airflow for adequate suction. If you plan to use it as a pet hair vacuum, a bagless canister vacuum cleaner is the way to go. A lengthy power cord and ample tool supply can make your vacuuming days less time consuming. Here are some pros and cons of bagged versus bagless, and tips for choosing a canister vacuum cleaner that’s right for you.

Canister Vacuums: Bagged vs Bagless


Canister vacuums feature a portable, rolling tank that connects a flexible hose to a wide nozzle. This type of vacuum cleaner also doubles as an effective dog hair vacuum. Canister vacuums that use bags can trap dirt particles and allergens inside the bag and prevent them from being released back into the environment. Bags make it easy to dispose of the grime sucked up from your carpets in one simple step: toss the bag in the trash. The bad news about bagged canister vacuums is that you pay more for this convenience. New bags have to be purchased as long as you own the vacuum cleaner.

With bagless canister vacuums, you’ll never have to worry about getting bags again. Simply detach the dust collection cup, empty it, then reattach it. Plus, you don’t have to spend money on bags anymore, which eventually end up in landfills. However, emptying the collection cup in a bagless vacuum can be a messy job. A puff of dirt, allergens and pet hair that you worked so hard to clean up can be released back into the air. Cleaning the filters can be difficult, too. So which is really the best between bagless canister vacuums and bagged ones? It boils down to a matter of preference.

Bagless canister vacuums are the perfect choice for someone who has to clean up mountains of pet hair. Instead of buying an endless supply of bags, this type of dog hair vacuum’s collection cup can be used and dumped as many times as needed. With canister vacuum cleaners, you can use the attachments to easily remove your fluffy friend‘s hair from sofas and chairs. Many vacuums are designed specifically for pet hair use and feature a roller that is designed specifically for cleaning trapped hair.

How to Find the Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hair:

When purchasing a new bagless canister vacuum, the highest amperage rating you can buy is 12. This has nothing to do with suction power; it only refers to the power of the motor. As far as vacuum specifications go, airflow is the most important. Product airflow ratings measure the surface that picks up debris. The more airflow, the better the suction. Airflow is what transports soil from your floors to the waste cup.

Filtration systems, such as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), can increase airflow resistance and make your vacuum cleaner work harder. However, HEPA filters can trap very small microscopic particles that would otherwise be blown back into the environment. A HEPA filter on bagless canister vacuums can make a positive difference for allergy sufferers, especially in removing pet dander from your carpets and floors.

Special features on your dog hair vacuum are important, too. On-board tools make for easy access and a lengthy cord that automatically rewinds can make vacuuming less of a hassle. Look for adjustable wands, variable speed controls and a light-weight model to make cleaning easier. Also, make sure your bagless canister vacuum has the proper flooring tools to switch from carpet to hard surface in a snap.

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