Using a Handheld Vacuum to Clean out Your Vehicle

With warm weather rolling through once again, we really don’t have quite as much of an excuse to keep putting off cleaning out your car that you know you’ve been neglecting. When the weather is biting cold you won’t look so bad with debris on the floor, but soon enough you’ll have to take care of it.
You can either take a ride to a nearby gas station/self serving carwash that allows you to insert some change in exchange for a predetermined amount of time you can work with their industrial vacuum, but this rarely gives you the time to really get as deep of a clean as you might be looking to accomplish. Using a handheld vacuum, you can really get the time and ability to reach into hard to get into places (especially with assistance from a crevice tool, should your vacuum come with one) that those bulky industrial hoses don’t have the finesse to take care of.
What are some of these places we should be paying attention to?

Floor Mats


Take your floor mats out and be sure to vacuum not only them completely (after shaking them out) but vacuum beneath the spot they were in, and around the gas and brake pedals as well. These tend to build up dirt and whatnot from over the winter all over and around them (especially the driver seat one, obviously) that generally really could use a vacuuming.

The Trunk


You might forget about it initially, but make sure you clean and vacuum out the trunk. You’d be surprised what kind of junk and dirt you can build up back there without realizing it. I suppose not looking here very often (or only when something very specific is needed) is to blame for this, but don’t neglect it before it becomes a problem enough to possibly damage the carpeting or upholstery.

Compartments in Doors

You know the ones; those little compartments on the side of the doors. Perhaps your vehicle doesn’t have these, but they seem to be a magnet for not only dirt/dust but for junk in general. Without knowing it, the ones in the back seats for instance can build up more little wrappers or pieces of papers than you could have imagined. Especially if you have your own children, these tend to be treated as mini garbage’s! Take a look at these periodically and make sure they’re not too much of a mess, and remember especially during a thorough interior cleaning to reach deep down into them.

Underneath Seats


I’m sure that you’re aware of this at this point, but be aware that trash often accumulates at what seems to be a rather impressive rate periodically. Like I’ve said already, unless you’re willing to put in some work, so goodbye to a regularly clean car if you have your own children. Children have a knack for leaving behind anything and everything. You’ll discover more wrappers, little toys and petrified french fries than you thought could accumulate.. This spot can be hard to get to normally, so one can be forgiven for a messy situation down there, but be sure to get into it as thoroughly as possible on your way through vacuuming. This is another place that you’ll find a crevice tool on your vacuum a life saver.
These may not be the first places your mind goes to, but they’re just as important.. Make sure you hit these spots on top of the obvious “out-in-the-open” places in your car and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in top shape!

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